ICO NameMass Vehicle Ledger
Start DateApril 26, 2018
End DateTBA
End Time

Mass Vehicle Ledger Ecosystem (MVL Ecosystem, pronounced as “em-buh l Ecosystem”) is a new blockchain-based ecosystem for all vehicle related services. Participants from automobile-related companies, services or trade industry will be connected and they will insert core data related to driving, traffic accidents, repairs and other car-related transactions into the blockchain.

CTO, Blockchain Developer

[22nd November Weekly News]

✅ MVL 2.0 Concept Paper & All Concepts are Released
✅ TADA Cambodia Held Lucky Promotion for Water Festival
✅ MVL Wallet & Various Events Will be Launched Soon

MVL official Telegram channel
➡️ https://t.me/mvlchain_en

[MVL 2.0 Concept Paper: Last Concept is Released]

The last concept, ‘Driver & Game’ & the original Concept Paper and KR translation have been uploaded to the “White Paper” section of MVL’s official website.

➡️ MVL 2.0 ‘Driver & Game’: https://mvlchain.page.link/FAE8

[MVL 2.0 Concept Paper: 3rd Concept is Released]

Today, the 3rd concept of MVL 2.0 Concept Paper, ‘EV & NFT’, has been released.

➡️ MVL 2.0 ‘EV & NFT’: https://mvlchain.page.link/cM4n

This Friday, the original version of MVL 2.0 Concept Paper & its final concept will be released!

[15th November Weekly News]

✅ MVL 2.0 Concept Paper: Concept 1&2 are Released
✅ Current Construction Status of ONiON Station
✅ TADA Delivery Cambodia x Toyota Project was Held

Please join us in MVL official Telegram channel
➡️ https://t.me/mvlchain_en

[MVL 2.0 Concept Paper: 2nd Concept is Released]

The 2nd Concept, ‘DeFi & Supporting Environmental Policies’ has been released.

➡️ MVL 2.0 ‘DeFi & Supporting Environmental Policies’: https://mvlchain.page.link/6Fdb

The 3rd concept will be released on Wednesday!

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Price1 ETH = 240,000 MVL Sale8,700,000,000 Payment ModeETH
Minimum Investment0.1 ETH Distribution29% RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard CapN/A

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