ICO NameThe Silverlink Network
Start DateApril 01, 2020
End DateMay 31, 2020
1 year ago
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SLV.one is a growing platform connecting traditional markets and businesses with cutting-edge technology and new generation cryptocurrency, smart contracts and the large spectrum of tools the Ethereum platform has to offer. It is our aim to exponentially increase Ethereum integration into small and medium businesses.

We are a firm dedicated to promoting, offering, and integrating the Ethereum platform to any individual wanting to make tangible improvement to his or her business structure by entering a whole new level of digitalization where lofty goals are within reach.

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For more than 5,000 years gold and silver have been used as true money, and for centuries their value have not been damaged at any point. Many people believe that cryptocurrency, a newcomer to the international market, could become or compete as a store of value with physical metals. SLV.one improves the features that make silver or gold a respected “store of value”, which is why we decided to merge the best of two worlds and bring an innovative physical silver-backed crypto asset. With SLV.one, the stability and reputation silver has held through the centuries are combined with the security, speed and profitability a cryptocurrency asset can offer.

As SLV.one is the link between cryptocurrency and the international silver market, it is projected to grow into a large and decentralized platform for digital silver certificates trading.

The platform offers a digital Token backed with real .999 physical silver to add a whole new level of security to modern cryptocurrency trading. Physical silver will be acquired, transported, and stored with the highest levels of safety available.


“ETH 2.0 is finalized except for security audits.” – @VitalikButerin 😎


@EtherealSummit #EtherealTLV #ethereum $ETH

The crowdsale will be immediately close when hardcap reached👏
Join us on: https://slv.one/
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The Silverlink Network @slv_one is now on SwitchDex! @SwitchAg @SwitchDex One of the best & easiest DEX in the world @Binance_DEX 🥰

Shaun Djie speaking on DAO, one of the most widely discussed topics, at Web3 Summit 2019 in Berlin.

“We have one of the most active, constructive community out there on Discord, which I think is the difference to what DigixDAO is today.”

#blockchain #web3 #digix #dao

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Price1 SLV = 0.0055 ETH Sale2,000,000 Payment ModeETH
Minimum Investment0.1 ETH Distribution22% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap2,000 ETH Hard Cap10,000 ETH

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