ICO NameVR Casino OKO
Start DateMarch 25, 2018
End DateTBA
CountryCzech Republic
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VR Casino OKO is a project that integrates virtual reality, blockchain and smart contracts technologies in offline casinos. The goal of the project is to open virtual access to real casinos for everyone interested, from anywhere in the world. Unlike typical online casinos, integrity and transparency of which is questionable, VR Casino OKO uses a fundamentally different approach.

The user puts on the virtual reality helmet VR OKO and sees the broadcast from cameras in a real casino (viewing angle of 180 degrees). The cameras only capture the table and the dealer, so they do not violate the casino rules regarding security and privacy. If desired, the user can make a bid using the OKOIN tokens.

The smart contract processes the bet in real time, and if it wins, transfers bonus tokens to the player’s account. OKOIN can be exchanged for another cryptocurrency or fiat money at the exchange rate or used as a 100% anonymous means of settlement in the infrastructure of the VR OKO project (OKO Pay). In particular, you can buy adult-oriented goods and services of VR Technology company (the creator of the OKOIN project) and its partners.

Another significant difference from online casinos: the user sees a real (physical) game in real time, which does not depend on a computer program (a random number generator, which is not always fair). Moreover, the person in the VR helmet is experiencing the same emotions as other players who are directly in the casino: excitement, adrenaline, trill and delight of a win.

The OKOIN tokens, the basis of bets, is a single cryptocurrency for three projects of VR Technology: VR OKO, OKO Pay and VR Casino OKO. This distribution maximizes the reach of the target audience and makes the token stable, liquid and constantly growing in price.


Congratulations! We are now live on The Token Store!
Your trading address is https://token.store/trade/OKO

I just published “In the next 29 hours, the OKOIN token is issued for official publishing on the decentralized…” https://medium.com/p/in-the-next-29-hours-the-okoin-token-is-issued-for-official-publishing-on-the-decentralized-2d8d0714b79e

I just published “Vacancy — Blockchain Software Engineer” https://medium.com/p/vacancy-blockchain-software-engineer-4e22d2c6709b

I just published “OKOIN Enters Open Exchanges and Launches Its Own VR-Market” https://medium.com/p/okoin-enters-open-exchanges-and-launches-its-own-vr-market-f8a663111d3f

We warn all coin holders that they would not make direct deals on the sale and purchase of our tokens. Any offer to sell or buy tokens that you receive is 100% likely to be a scam.

Save the ONLY address of the Smart Contract OKOIN


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Price1 OKO = 1 USD SaleN/A Payment ModeETH
Minimum Investment1 OKO Distribution35% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap50,000,000 USD Hard Cap80,000,000 USD

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